Rules & Regulations

The success of OAK LAWN could not have happened without the cooperation of it’s lot owners. Nevertheless, the cemetery must set forth certain rules and regulations designed, of course, to apply to all lot owners — and all lot owners must cooperate. Without this cooperation, confusion and disorder would result. We are listing a few of these for your information.

Regulations vary from section to section. For this reason it is imperative that you consult your cemetery office before making any firm plans for improvements on your lot in any manner. We are trained to help you.

Temporary Flower Containers such as tin cans, jars, baskets, bottles, styrofoam, etc., will be removed immediately. The cemetery is not responsible for any such containers or decorations. Oak Lawn Cemetery will not be responsible for injury caused by these non-permanent containers and/or decorations.

Permanent Containers In order to properly maintain the cemetery lawns, it is necessary that all grave decorations, during the grass cutting season, be limited to flowers placed in a cemetery approved type container – such as bronze. If a permanent type vase has not yet been placed on your lot, please see the display in the cemetery office. 

Nothing on the lawn during the cutting season.

About the Holidays Potted plants, wreaths, baskets, easels, and flags are permitted only on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. All of these tributes are usually removed ten days later.

Decorations may be placed any time during the year and will not be removed by the cemetery before February 20th. At this time, weather permitting, all decorations will be removed from the lawn – vases and monuments. Please take notice: Lot owners are solely responsible for any decoration which is to be reclaimed for future use.

Planting on the grave spaces, in any manner, is strictly forbidden. Consult the office before attempting any type of improvements.

Monuments cannot be placed on the lot until the full purchase price has been paid. No free standing statuary allowed. The cemetery is not responsible for any floral tributes, memorials, or alterations of any character whatsoever.

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